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Gene Coppock Memorial Service Information

Gene's Memorial Service will be at Cornerstone Wesleyan Church. There is a carry in dinner at 5:00pm followed by a Memorial Service at 6:00pm led by the family. We'd love if you could all stop in, say a few kind words to our family, maybe a funny anecdote about Gene... or just to stop off and give us a hug.

We really do appreciate all the kindness and love that everyone has shown us. We are truly blessed to be surrounded by so many wonderful people.

Conerstone Wesleyan Church
4304 South Oak Street
Albion, IN 46701-9629

If you are in Fort Wayne, take US 33 north, past Churubusco & State Road 9. About 1/4 mile past SR 9 there is an entrance to the church. If you get to the graveyard, you've gone too far.

If you need directions, feel free to call my cell phone. 260-450-5823.


My heart is broke... my brother died in a car wreck this morning.

RIP Earl Eugene Coppock II.


May. 15th, 2009

So today after work, I chilled out with the Jessy.  We had a much needed girl's evening where we went to dinner and walked around the mall and window shopped... found a few things I'd like to get for the apartment, but alas, I have bills to pay first.

The cell phone's off.  I have no new number yet... or any cell of any sort and I apologize for that. 

Meanwhile, I am getting somewhere with packing finally...  have most of my bathroom stuff together and am working on the books now...  which is the big concern cuz I no longer have bookcases... and I have a LOT of books, haha.  But evidently I shall have bookcases... it's just a matter of when.  

I'm stressed out, but it's all good... just need that few days to get everything settled in and I'll be fine.

So I get home tonight and Mom informs me that she had to go to the ER today... and shows me a big bite on her leg AFTER she tells me she put the dogs away... so I'm freaking thinking one of my dogs went off the deep end.  Turns out some big dog bit her while she was doing census... but that she doesn't think it was being aggressive, because she didn't know it was there, she thinks she suprised it and it attacked because she startled it.    So we're hoping that the dog's safe tonight as well.

Her leg doesn't look TOO bad though and she can walk... it just hurts.

Story of our circle, haha.


Charity Day at Macy's

Ok, so I usually am not one to go "omg, we're doing this at work, it's uber awesome!" all over the communities... especially since... well, yah, you all either hear our commercials on the radio or see it on t.v., haha.

BUT today's a very important day at Macy's. It's our annual Charity Day! There will be 13 local charities outside Macy's today selling a 20%/10% (it's 20% off in clothing and accessories, 10% off in home and small electronics) coupons for $5. The charities get to keep the ENTIRE $5 that you pay for the coupon.

If you come into the store and buy the coupon, we're supporting the American Heart Association and the Family Violence Prevention Fund.

So please, come out to Macy's today and help support our local charities! And while you're out this morning & early afternoon, stop by the "Complex" of fitting rooms in Ladies' Better Sportswear and say hi to me!

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